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Styled Grey Coat In A Downtown Blur

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Hello Lovelies! For today’s post I thought I’d give you something a little different.. me in a downtown blur. Sometimes it’s fun to be a bit creative, off center, and a little out of focus. I love being down on Stephen Ave during the hustle and bustle of rush hour when it seems like everyone is hurrying to leave and we are choosing to stay. It’s a strange feeling, almost like you are going to be left behind in the deserted city center as everyone takes off for the outer edges of the city.

Lately I’ve been crazy about this grey, floppy cardigan coat. It’s a little too cold to wear just on it’s own, but perfect when paired with a cozy sweater. For this look I chose the classic black turtleneck and a long chain necklace. I also took out my Tory Burch watch, which doesn’t happen all that often. But it definitely suites these all-black outfits the best. So where are you when the downtown bustle dies down? Hope it’s an adventure either way <3

Grey Cardigan Coat | Aldo Boots (similar) | Tory Burch Watch | Michael Kors Wallet
Grey lapel coat aldo boots Tory burch watch Michael Kors wallet

Aritzia Parka In the Snow

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Hello Lovelies! Today I’m sharing this look… the warmest parka in my closet!!! The ugly, freezing January temperatures are back, so I thought I’d give you all some inspiration to stay warm, and stay stylish. Here I am wearing the Aritzia Community Paradigm Parka and I’ve paired it with a classic black turtleneck, some Lulu leggings, and warm fuzzy boots. I also threw on my favorite Talula Fulton Mittens. These are amazing as gifts for the ladies in your life, and they are always warm – which for anyone who knows me, that is key!

This park was so much fun, with the cutest walk ways and little bridges spread throughout. There were so many people out walking their dogs, and of course I tried to once again convince my husband, Jacques that we need a puppy too… but better luck next time I guess! We were lucky to catch the last bits of sun, before the chill set in. So, what are some of your tips to stay warm and still look presentable? For me it’s all about buying the right fit of jacket that suits your body, and adding in something cute to finish off the look! <3

Artizia Community Parka | Lululemon Align Pant | Steve Madden Boots (similar) | Talula Mittens | Sonix iPhone 7 Plus Case
parka lulu-pant bootie mitten sonix iphone case

The Striped Knit Poncho

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Hello Lovelies, and happy Monday to you all! I absolutely love getting out for a walk, so we recently spent some time down by the river to get out and enjoy the weather. The days have been so incredible that all you need is a light coverup and some gloves to keep your hands warm. For today’s look I’ve styled this lovely knit poncho with my favorite faux leather leggings. Lately I can’t get enough of these Chelsea boots. They are so quick to throw on and look great with anything! Every girl’s gotta have a pair of these babies, that’s for sure :)

I’ve been trying to get some inspiration to make my old favorites look new again, like my big floppy black hat. The felt texture makes it great for winter wear, and keeps my blondielocks warm! To finish off the look I added one of my new statement pieces, and my ever trusty Kate Spade purse. I love this overall layered look and just had so much fun shooting these photos. The river is definitely a little hidden getaway right in the heart of the city. Where are some of your favorite places to go for a walk? I hope to check them out soon <3

Striped Grey Poncho | Faux Leather H&M Leggings | Kate Spade Tech-Gloves | Steve Madden Chelsea Boots | Kate Spade Purse
poncho leggings gloves1 chelsea boots katespade_purse

Red Bricks In The City

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Hello Lovelies! What an amazing week it’s been. We took to the city to explore all the little cute spots to see what we could discover :) I love our city, the beautiful river, and the amazing atmosphere of having the mountains right in our backyard. Although it’s been much warmer these days, for some reason we had the coldest shoot to capture this look for you all! I may look like I’m having fun.. but oh how I wish you could have heard my complaining about how I was totally freezing all over! I really am not good with temperature regulation, that is for sure.

For today’s look I paired my staple faux leather leggings with a warm sweater and an amazing blanket scarf. Raise your hand if you also use your blanket scarf as a blanket sometimes… yup, that’s me!! I finished it off with my Steve Madden zip up boots, my Michael Kors purse, and of course my new favorite Kate Spade teach-savvy gloves :) These gloves are my fave, and so handy when it’s freezing! Hope everyone is getting out and enjoying the city. I highly recommend it! Just remember to stay warm and dress with Mother Winter in mind <3

Faux leather H&M leggings | RW & Co Sweater (similar) | Steve Madden Boots | Michael Kors Purse | Kate Spade Gloves | Michael Kors Watch
leggings sweater boots michael kors gloves1 watch

The Bird Print Dress Divine

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Hello lovelies!! Just so crazy about this dress, that it found it’s way back onto the blog :) For those who know me well, I am the kind of gal who tends to go for all things neutral, beige, or even somewhat vanilla – which happens to be one of my favorite flavors! Don’t judge… But this bird print dress is just what I needed to step out of my usuals and get some color in there. The best part is that it is great to wear, winter or summer. Just pop on a warm, cozy scarf with some leggings for winter, or pair it with sandals in the summer. But of course, for winter my favorite are these Steven Madden boots with gold detail. The gold theme goes so well with this look, and I definitely would add that statement watch to seal the deal. Now, I couldn’t stay away from my neutrals completely, which is where my staple Michael Kors bag comes in. It does the perfect job of balancing out the bright colours, yet still makes it’s appearance. Don’t be afraid to be bold in your outfits this winter. It’s a great way to make you smile and can put an extra bounce in your step <3


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