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Fresh Snow on the Panorama Slopes

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Hello Lovelies! A little throwback to our snowboarding trip to Panorama Ski Resort has found it’s way onto the blog today. We the best time, and despite my being sick for basically the whole time we were there, I still got a lot of time in on the slopes. It is a beautiful place, and the drive there was winter wonderland, breathtaking.

Since we first moved to Canada when I was 12-years-old, we used to take trips out to the mountains with family and friends almost every Christmas. This is where we all really got in the Canadian spirit, and picked up a few tricks on living in this snowy world. I remember at some point we felt like we’d had enough snow for a lifetime, and our Christmas family trips started to look a little different – beach, sun, sand, and margaritas! Not complaining there :)

After all this time it was great to get back to making new memories at Panorama, showing my hubby where I spent so much time as a kid, shredding on the slopes. There is a lovely little village in Panorama, and the weather was beyond amazing for our entire trip. We even had some fresh snow to boot! In the evenings when it got a little chillier, I would always throw on my boots, a warm scarf, and steal my sister’s MEC toque to keep my ears cozy :P There is so much open space to just go for a stroll by the river. What are some of your favorite ski resorts to check out in the Rockies? <3

American Eagle Jeans | Guess Jacket (similar) | Steve Madden Boots (similar) | Talula Mittens | MEC Toque
AE-jeans Guess-jacket Steve-boots Talula-mittens MEC-toque

These Boots Are Made For Walking

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Hello Lovelies! I can’t believe it’s another Monday and the week is already off to a new start. Last weekend we attended a lovely Sushi & Saki event at Azuridge Estate Hotel (post coming soon!) so beforehand I went on a little mission to find some new boots! It was just too cold out to be wearing anything with open toes, so I thought it would be a great excuse to get a new pair of booties for the occasion :) Check out my little shopping adventure on the vlog here.

These boots were the perfect find! They are super comfy, and literally just what I was looking for. When does that ever happen??

So just so by the by, this was the first time I had really seen the H Halston brand or tried on any of their items. Being the little researcher I am, of course I went to read up on them a bit. L o v e what I found out! The HALSTON brand was founded in the 1960’s, specializing in making all kinds of hats for women! They even reinvented the jumpsuit and the shirtdress, leaving a permanent mark on fashion.

I am a complete sucker for looking into the stories of how labels got started. Everybody has a story that is so unique and starts from humble beginnings. The difference is, some do everything they can to make their mark on the world, and others fizzle out when the going gets tough. Just goes to show, you have to start somewhere, and the key is to keep going!

For this fun little shoot, I paired my new sweater from Purr Clothing with some faux leather leggings, and of course, my new H Halston stiletto booties :) It’s fun to be able to dress them up or dress them down, and I absolutely lovely the lace up feature. Excited to see where these boots will take me, and the fun to be had. What’s a perfect purchase you’ve made lately? <3

H Halston Boots | H&M Faux Leather Leggings | Michael Kors Watch | The Face Shop Eyelashes
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Coffee Dates In the City

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Hello Lovelies! A little throwback on the blog today, when we had a delicious cup of coffee at Monogram downtown and did a bit of planning for the year. Check out some of the behind the scenes from this day on the vlog, Episode 13. Downtown Calgary is definitely one of my favorite places to be. Although I love going hiking or getting away to a remote cabin for the weekend, I am much more of a city girl. The hustle and bustle, and big towering buildings can keep me captivated for hours.

So often we let a lot of time go by, and the when you actually stop to reflect you almost wonder, “Why am I even here?” Don’t settle for less than you desire, because after all, you always have a choice. If you’d rather be living on the beach, or on a beautiful acreage outside of the city, work hard and consciously make decisions every single day to get you closer to that piece of paradise you are dreaming of. Don’t let life pass you by and wake up one day not knowing why you didn’t pursue any of those dreams to begin with.

That’s exactly why I make a point of exploring the city, getting downtown as often as I can, and checking out all the latest and greatest spots! Of course, I’ve got my Ralph Lauren coat on and a pair of my favorite Talula leggings. I also threw on my Wilfred blanket scarf from Aritzia, because when we are stopping in at place I’m never certain whether or not it will be chilly – which is why I always come prepared :) Whenever we spend time working in coffee shops, I switch out my mini Kate Spade for this spacious Aldo purse so I can fit in my laptop, hard drive, S’well water bottle, and a notebook to boot! Fitting it all in is key, and the only way I work and travel. What are your work and travel essentials and what are you doing each day to get closer to your goals? <3


Ralph Lauren Coat | Kate Spade Gloves | Talula Leggings | Wilfred Blanket Scarf | Aldo Booties
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Faux Fur and Backcountry Roads

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Hello lovelies! I so love how these shots turned out. It was such a fun day, starting out with a coffee date in the morning to discuss some business strategy, and then we decided to take drive out to Bragg Creek and fly the drone for some fun :) Check out the vlog episode here, capturing the day and giving you a little behind-the-scenes look at our day, shooting, and enjoying taking in everything around us.

While we were out driving we sort of made a little impromptu stop and really jumped at the opportunity to capture this perfect backcountry road. This Ralph Lauren Faux Fur Coat is my absolute favorite right now, and the best birthday present to date! I added an amazing blanket scarf from Aritzia, and finished off the look with my go-to black ankle booties. It’s so incredible to live in a beautiful country where you can capture the perfect moments. Gratitude for where we are, and how far we’ve come in our lives is right on the top of my list!

So often we get stuck on wishing we were somewhere else, that we forget to be in the present and take advantage of the life we live. That has definitely been something that I’ve promised to continue to make a goal for 2017, really looking around instead of always looking ahead. Time goes by so quickly and then we always regret not savoring the little moments more often. This is especially true when you are making memories, or on those special days that come once in a lifetime.

I remember so clearly, all through planning my wedding and getting ready the day of, I made a point of soaking everything up!! It was almost like an out-of-body experience, watching all the fun, how beautiful all my girls looked with their hair updo’s and gorgeous faces smiling from ear to ear. Could not have imagined a more wonderful day, and I am so glad I took the time to be in the present and really experience every moment. This is what I hope to continuing doing in my life, never wishing any moments away. What are your goals for this year? <3


Ralph Lauren Coat | Kate Spade Gloves | Talula Leggings | Wilfred Blanket Scarf | Aldo Booties
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Cozy Winter Layers

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Hello Lovelies! Our vlogging adventures in the forest has found it’s way onto the blog today :) It was so much fun going on a little exploration of the beautiful Discovery Ridge. I do have to say, it was much colder than we anticipated… so I should have definitely taken my other jacket as well! The key to staying warm is definitely layering up for me. Often times I like to opt for a cozy sweater, and then layer it with something like this military style fall jacket. It can then be tightened, making it easy to throw on a parka or bigger winter coat over top. That way when I get inside and take my winter coat off, I still have that extra layer incase it’s not that warm.

I also paired this look with my brown booties and leather Fossil crossbody. I love this bag because it always fits more than you think. This one is a few years old (and still lasts so so well!), so I’ve linked a similar version below. Hope you all are staying warm out there with this fresh snow dump we’ve had in Calgary! Let me know what you’re doing to layer up this winter <3

Military Jacket (similar) | Navy Contrast Cuff Sweater | Aldo Necklace (similar) | Fossil Crossbody Bag | Guess Skinny Jeans | Aldo Booties
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