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A Birthday Dinner at the Guild Calgary

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Hello lovelies! Have any of you been to The Guild here in Calgary before? What an incredible place! For some reason it seems to be a bit of a birthday spot for us. The first time we had dinner at the Guild was for my hubby’s birthday last year when my gorgeous sister-in-law, Linda, and I took him out for a surprise celebration. // Check out Linda’s blog, Tales From a Foodie, here!

What a great spot in the city! The look and feel of the Guild is so different from the norm, with big freezers full of meat and a big open feel to the restaurant. The food is incredible! So surprize, surprize we absolutely had to come again for my brother-in-law’s birthday! We started the evening with the Steak Tartare & Roast Bone Marrow and Crispy Calamari as appetizers. Our plates were clean before we could even look twice – D-licious!! For mains I had the Braised Wagyu Beef Bourguignon, my sister and her husband both had the Lambtastic Farms Lamb Shank, and my husband had the classic Dry-Aged Beretta Farms Chuck Burger, of course! Hehe. All our mains for incredible, the meat was so tender and flavorful.

Finally, we ended the evening off with some dessert. My sister had the O&Bc Carrot Cake, I had the Sticky Maple Butter Pudding, and the boys each had the Flourless Dark Chocolate Tart. Need I say more? Absolutely to die for! So grateful for good memories and special times together. What do you do to celebrate special occasions? <3

The Guild Calgary

Napa Valley Wine Tasting at Willow Park Wines

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Hello Lovelies! Today on the blog I’m sharing our amazing time at the Napa Valley Wine Tasting with Willow Park Wines & Spirits here in Calgary. We had such a great time, and learned more than I even thought was possible. It was a special connoisseur event led by their Fine Wine Director, Peter Smolarz, who highlighted some of the Napa Valley regions’ best wines. Peter also discussed the different vintages for collectors to know, along with key wineries to watch! Check out our experience on the vlog here.

There were eight of us attending the event, which was set up in the private tasting room. Upon arrival we each received a glass of the Domaine Carneros Brut and explored all the wine region maps. We got to taste six different wines from the Napa Valley region, and they were all perfectly matched with food pairing suggestions. I was so amazed by how delicious the food was! We had grilled salmon with dill, a delicious cheese plate complete with dried figs and grapes, as well as some roast beef and mushroom crostinis – YUM!

It is so incredible all you can learn about a different region just by the wine that is produced and the flavors and aromas that come along with it. Learning more about the Napa Valley region made me want to be there, now! I think it is definitely a must-see trip for us in the future. At the end of the evening we proceeded down to the wine festival where we got to try some of their featured wines, and more amazing food! Such an incredible night! What are some of your favorite wine regions in the world? <3

Willow Park Wines | Wine Tasting Vlog

Sushi & Sake Night at Azuridge Estate Hotel

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Hello Lovelies! So you probably know by now that I am a huge sushi fan!! Today on the blog I want to share with you the amazing time we had out at Azuridge Estate Hotel for their Sushi & Saki event where we got to try our hand at making our own sushi, and connecting with some incredible people along the way.

The hotel is located a few kilometers outside of Calgary in the Priddis area. It was a beautiful drive, and really felt like a mini vacation away from the city! The hotel is absolutely beautiful, with big bay windows and high ceilings, nestled away in the Alberta foothills that roll out to the Rocky Mountains. Azuridge is surrounded by 13 acres of beautiful forest and is a stunning location for any event. A true home away from home!

To start the night we all got our very own chef hat, because of course, you have to look the part! The staff at Azuridge were so much fun! They showed us how to prep the rice, and what exactly goes into making the perfect sushi rice. Our first attempt was at a California roll, topped with beautiful green roe. Next we had some fun making a selection of nigiris – salmon, tuna, and shrimp! After making as much sushi as we could, we sat down to dinner to enjoy our creations.

To start, we each received a miso soup, which was amazing!! So flavorful, and the ingredients were top notch. Next we each got our own sushi plates, plus some extra made by the hotel sushi master – just in case ours didn’t turn out so well. To drink, we had the option of warm or cold sake and I also opted for a big cup of green tea. After all the sushi was either devoured or packed away in to-go containers, we got a big plate of traditional Japanese desserts for the table. I love trying out new things!

To top it all off, my favorite of the evening, was a delicious scoop of green tea ice cream, served inside of an ice cube. Amazing! At the end of the night we were all treated to the loveliest gift bags with our very own bamboo mat and wasabi. We also got to keep our chef hats, of course! Such an incredible evening, and definitely excited to be back for a good long stay at the hotel. What is your favorite experience from Azuridge? <3

Azuridge Estate Hotel | bebe Maxi Print Dress | H Halston Stiletto Boots | Aldo Rings
Azuridge-2 bebe-dress heels1 aldo-rings

Morning Glow Yogurt Bowl

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Hello lovelies, and happy Monday to you all! As many of you may know, breakfast is one of my favorite meals, ever :D Lately I have been working hard to heal my gut and make it happy again. This meant cutting out dairy, wheat, and even eggs! This is definitely a big change for me, since those are my favorite components of a yummy breakfast!! No more eggs Benny, and no more yummy greek yogurt granola bowls for a while!

Now since I am not so in tune with all the amazing alternatives that a vegan lifestyle has to offer, I really had to do a little digging to reinvent some of my all-time breakfast favorites. Today I want to share my version of a dairy-free, gluten free yogurt bowl option. It’s delicious, nutritious, and there are a few tricks to get a bit of extra protein added to boot!

All you’ll need is your favorite flavor of Daiya greek yogurt alternative, top it with some berries, sliced banana, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries. Next, I added some gluten free PURE Granola – the apricots and seeds flavor! Go ahead and add a little bit of your favorite nut butter as well for a little treat. Finally, I added half a Luna Bar to give the bowl a little extra protein kick. What are you favorite breakfast bowls? <3

Daiya Yogurt Alternative | Co-op PURE Granola | Caramel Walnut Luna Bar | IKEA Bowl
daiya-yogurt pure-granola luna-bar2 ikea-bowl

Staying Energized Naturally With PilotsFriend

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Hello Lovelies! Happy Wednesday to you all :) So as some of you might know, running your own business takes hard work, sacrifice, and a lot of extra hours behind a desk. This requires energy and motivation to get it done. The last month I was so excited to discover PilotsFriend, a natural fruit tonic energy drink made with all the good stuff! It was crafted in Italy by scientists and nutritionists for active duty fighter pilots – amazing!

PilotsFriend is great for a mid-morning or afternoon burst of energy without the crash that comes with traditionally caffeinated drinks. The amazing ingredients like lemon, chokeberries, ginger and cardamom are great for helping with good digestion. PilotsFriend is a perfect substitute for your regular afternoon coffee, and is a delicious refresher! It has no artificial sweeteners, it’s vegan & non-GMO, with a natural caffeine derived from cola nuts and Guarana seeds.

The cans are so cute, and totally on-brand! Am I right?! They come with a handy little cap so you can save it for later, which is perfect for me because I can never drink a full can of anything in one sitting :P It has a great natural taste, but definitely not what you would expect from an energy drink! Super refreshing, and something I have been reaching for instead of adding anymore coffee to my day.

So often, we get to those times in the week or maybe the day when you hit that slump and think you’d rather just stay at home and catch a breather. Whether it is going to the gym, getting out to a networking event, or even just seeing old friends, sometimes even when you are tired you just have to get up and do it anyways! For me, that’s when I make the biggest breakthroughs. I get a new perspective and a whole new experience that I never would have had otherwise.

“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up.” – Regina Brett

There is always something to be learned on the other side, so find a way to be inspired, get a renewed energy, and attach every day with purpose! <3

PilotsFriend Energy Drink | MacBook Air | Pandora Pearl Ring
Pilots-Friend MacBook-Air pandora-ring

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