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The Bird Print Dress Divine

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Hello lovelies!! Just so crazy about this dress, that it found it’s way back onto the blog :) For those who know me well, I am the kind of gal who tends to go for all things neutral, beige, or even somewhat vanilla – which happens to be one of my favorite flavors! Don’t judge… But this bird print dress is just what I needed to step out of my usuals and get some color in there. The best part is that it is great to wear, winter or summer. Just pop on a warm, cozy scarf with some leggings for winter, or pair it with sandals in the summer. But of course, for winter my favorite are these Steven Madden boots with gold detail. The gold theme goes so well with this look, and I definitely would add that statement watch to seal the deal. Now, I couldn’t stay away from my neutrals completely, which is where my staple Michael Kors bag comes in. It does the perfect job of balancing out the bright colours, yet still makes it’s appearance. Don’t be afraid to be bold in your outfits this winter. It’s a great way to make you smile and can put an extra bounce in your step <3


// 1. Dress // 2. Watch // 3. Boots // 4. Leggings // 5. Purse

Fresh Air on Tunnel Mountain in Banff

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Hello lovelies! Hope you are having the most amazing week. Today I thought I’d share some memories from our recent trip to Banff. We spent a lovely weekend away with the family, shopping, hiking, eating a whole lot of delicious food, and getting some good old fashioned fresh air :) One of my favorite hikes to do is Tunnel Mountain. It is located right in the heart of Banff, perfect for a great morning workout. Once you get to the top the views are spectacular, overlooking the city of Banff and all the way around. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, and it is great to take advantage and explore all that nature has to offer. It was definitely a bit of a chilly hike, so I always throw on something for my ears, and definitely can’t live without these North Face gloves. They are my go-to for winter runs and getting active outdoors. At the moment, the best running shoes for my feet (and body) are these New Balance 880v6 runners. And of course, my favorite athleisure brand is Lululemon! They have the most functional pieces that give an incredible weightless warmth for these cold November mornings, while leaving you absolutely gaga for style! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of their amazing winter run vest for Christmas – an absolute must-have for the season! Happy hiking, loves <3

North Face runner’s gloves // New Balance running shoes // Lululemon jacket // Lululemon pant

Settling Into Fall











Hello loves! Today I wanted to bring a fun little fall shoot to the blog. We have been having such a warm fall-winter transition that I am never really sure how to dress! However, this striped Ralph Lauren long-sleeve is perfect with this in between weather. A wardrobe isn’t complete without a few striped shirts. I am obsessed with the little details in this look, especially the elbow patches. With this top, the elbow patches add such a great piece of detail to contrast the look of the stripes. I have to admit, I don’t often change it up from my classic gold Michael Kors watch, but the Reva gold tone Tory watch has become one of my go-to’s if I’m in the mood to switch it up. I absolutely die for the perfect accessory :) To round it all off, I paired with this cozy Rudsak scarf for a bit of extra warmth and a brown boot to compliment the elbow patches. I absolutely love this combo, and can always pair it was a leather jacket or even a cozy vest – the possibilities are endless! <3

Ralph Lauren striped long-sleeve // Tory Burch watch // Kate Spade cross body purse //

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Hello Lovelies! Summer is slowly drawing to a end, but not quite yet :) The days are warm and are sandwiched in by cooler mornings and evenings. This is where you have to do a lot of transition outfits! Fall is definitely in my top favorites for wardrobe! The colors are beautiful, you get to be all cozied up, and hot chocolate and pumpkin spiced lattes are always on the menu :) One of my favorites is to dress a pair of shorts with a warm cozy sweater. I also love to add a closed-toe shoe option, so my feet don’t freeze! This keeps it perfect for transitioning from the cool mornings into the late summer days. Don’t forget to throw on a nice chunk of bling and accessories to show up before those gloves & scarves cover it all up! <3

. // abercrombie sweater similar here .// dear rae ring here .// aldo necklace here

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Good morning my loves! Just been loving having some home time to ourselves, catching up on work, doing some online shopping :) and of course experimenting with fun new ideas as always! Thought I’d share this outfit from a little while back. This has been a fun summer staple for me, with an edge of class. Sometimes when I’m feeling a little “frumpy” I like to combine a summer look with a fitted blazer and my cute and always lovely strappy flats. It’s just a little something different than the classic shorts and sandals, don’t ya think? Also, a big ol’ statement necklace never hurt anyone either! Don’t be afraid to step outside the lines a little every now and then. It’s fun to explore.. that’s what life is for after all! <3

. // blazer similar here // shorts here // flats here

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