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Good morning loves! What is better than stripes?? Well at this moment, not a lot for me. I am completely loving this outfit and all it has to offer. Every part of it reminds me of a place, a person, and the contribution it has made to my life. Let me tell you a little something about that hat though… it was a piece I discovered in Malaysia while my husband Jacques and I were travelling through Southeast Asia in the beginning of 2015. That was right around the time I launched my business, and was hustling hard every day, “coffee shop hopping” just to get a bit of internet now and again. That hat has seen sun, sand, and even snow. It’s been on countless Uber rides, and reminds me of glances and a hidden face. One thing is for sure, it feeds my soul and gives a certain mystery waiting to be revealed. So keep dreaming lovelies, and never stop finding the beauty in life. Xo

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6 Steps to the Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit, with a Little Bit of Business on the Side


We’ve all been hearing about it for a while now. It’s that day that really has a “Love-Hate” relationship with most anybody! You know what I’m talking about… Valentines Day! Of course this is a business marketer’s dream-day. So many ideas, jam-packed days of brainstorming and planning to get the campaign just right and boost sales when it counts most.


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