Hello lovelies, and happy Fri-Yay to you all! :) Today has been a busy day of running errands and getting ahead in work. So today’s post is just a quick reminder of what is really important in life. This week we celebrated some exciting wins and milestones, both in business and in life! And one of the things I always live by is to celebrate the little things, and not to blaze over life’s wins without taking a moment to smile. So, what is more perfect than a bit of Ruffino Prosecco to welcome in the weekend? I am a sucker for a glass of prosecco and it has become a fun tradition in our family to stop and take a minute to cheers to our successes with those we love the most. Whether it’s with friends or family, the most important are the memories of getting to that point of finally reaching the top of the mountain, whatever that mountain is for you. What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate the wins in your life? <3 Xo SHOP THE POST: Ruffino Wines Prosecco | Brass Rope Ring | H&M Pendant Necklace
ruffino-prosecco rope-ring hmnecklace

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