6 Steps to the Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit, with a Little Bit of Business on the Side

We’ve all been hearing about it for a while now. It’s that day that really has a “Love-Hate” relationship with most anybody! You know what I’m talking about… Valentines Day! Of course this is a business marketer’s dream-day. So many ideas, jam-packed days of brainstorming and planning to get the campaign just right and boost sales when it counts most.

Businesses thrive on these types of big events and according to Corridor Business Journal “total spending in the United States is expected to reach $18,9 billion this year”! This just goes to show that if you don’t have your marketing strategy in order, you will be missing out on some big selling opportunities.

Wondering about what kind of strategies to use for your business this year? Here is a list of 3 ways to make your business relevant this Valentine’s Day.

This is an amazing opportunity to promote your products, attract new customers and give your business that extra exposure. Not only is this great for attracting new clients, but it also increases customer engagement and loyalty. Whether you’re in the clothing, service, or food industry – everyone loves freebies! Make sure to advertise your promotional items through social media and send out a newsletter to give your VIP customers a first look. This way you are sure to grab attention and increase your revenue!

A great example of this is shown by Estu Jewelry who provide a promotional code to get 20% off – click here to view the image on Instagram.

Photo 2015-02-13, 10 37 37 PM

Implementing Valentine’s Day strategies doesn’t just have to revolve around promotions and freebies. Be sure to also create some unique Valentine’s Day related content (kind of like I’m doing right now!!). Customers are always interested to read about the advice you can give. For example, if you are in the food industry, you would post a great new recipe for a wonderful Valentine’s Day meal and tips to make it suitable for each occasion (i.e. romantic evening, dinner with friends, hosting a party, etc). This is sure to increase engagement and draw people to your business.

To get an even better idea of what I’m talking about, check out this example from Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential Blogclick here to view image on Twitter.

Photo 2015-02-13, 10 22 26 PM

Contests are exciting, creative ways to get customers involved in your business through some Valentine’s Day fun. My biggest tip here is to make the contest unique to your business. Don’t simply copy a strategy that works for someone else’s business. Make clear guidelines and relatable rewards to ensure that contestants don’t lose interest, or misunderstand your business completely. So go ahead, make it entertaining, and don’t forget to have some fun along the way!

Here is a great example of a giveaway by Madison Messer from the Sweet Tea with Madi Blog – click here to view image on Instagram

Photo 2015-02-13, 10 03 18 PM

Not only is this a giveaway, but it is also a contest that they call a “Loop Giveaway”. This means that multiple business owners are involved because you have to follow the links through different profiles to get to the final instructions. This is such a fun way to combine the two strategies, promote other entrepreneurs and increase customer engagement. Check out the giveaway and see if you can make it through the loop!

To end off this post I thought it would be great to get into what I love most… Fashion Fridays! I’ve gathered a few fabulous finds for some inspiration for the most perfect outfit to wear this Valentine’s Day.

1. The Dress
I have an absolute crush on this black lace dress from H&M! It is the perfect look – sleek, sexy, yet totally beautiful at the same time. The longer sleeves are great for the cooler evenings and the length wraps perfectly around your legs for a long slender look.


2. The Shoes
These shoes are to-die-for! Lately I’ve been obsessed with bows, and really love all of the new shoes in the Valentino line.  This Valentino Couture Bow d’Orsay red pump will be the perfect accent to the lace black dress. After visiting the brand new Nordstrom store in Calgary (Canada) last year, I love keeping up with all their great shoe finds. I even bought my wedding shoes there!


3. The Clutch
These Michael Kors clutches continuously catch my eye. I am a big fan of all things leopard print – so you can see why this is a clear choice for me! This clutch is perfect for the evening, and can be used any other time as well, which makes is a great choice this Valentine’s Day.

4. The Necklace
This big, chunky gold necklace from Forever 21 is perfect! It completes the look by creating that ‘pop’ effect and really makes the final statement. I especially love gold accessories these days, and would most likely compliment the necklace with my gold Michael Kors watch. Don’t be afraid to throw on a chunky gold ring to finish it off.


5. The Hair
Personally I really love the Oasis line by Swarzkopf. It hold great, smells amazing and is a really light finish to your look. Feel free to combine some of their other great products while you’re at it. The dust-it powder works great for a little extra lift to hold you through the evening.

6. The Lips
Go bold, or go home! Don’t shy away from this amazing look. The Rouge Volupté from Yves Saint Laurent is long-lasting and adds a unique glossy shine to boot. It is a great match for the Valentino red heels, and will leave you glowing.


Hope you enjoyed those as much as I did! Look forward to seeing what you all chose. I have included the links to each item in the post so you can shop the look!

Now I’d love to hear from YOU!

  1. Which business/marketing strategies will you implement this Valentine’s Day? What others would you suggest?
  2. What outfit did you pick, and where do you where it to?
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Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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