5 Ways to Grow Your Business on Instagram by Making Your Followers Famous

Do you use Instagram to market your business? Instagram is a great way to tell a visual story about your brand and to instantly engage your followers wherever they are in the world. Using Instagram to socially engage your customers can help you authentically market your brand and grow your follower relationships.

So how can you grow and strengthen customer relationships? What engages your followers and makes them feel special? Well, the answer is simple… Make your followers famous of course! Share their photos and #regram their content to encourage them to tag you for photo features. Another great tip is to send them a personal “thank you” for following you. This type of ‘care marketing’ can be a simple and thoughtful way to make your followers feel noticed and appreciated.

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Some of the top examples are Starbucks and Daniel Wellington watches. They love to promote their brand through customers by updating their profiles using picture of their fans and choosing to feature the “winner of the day”. This grows your brand through the people. It allows others to create a buzz about your brand or product and it is authentic and original advertising.

So how can you effectively implement this marketing strategy? Here are 5 ways to make your followers famous!

1. Embed Follower’s photos

Instagram now enables you embed Instagram photos on your website as well as other sites. Use this to show unique photos of your brand or product, generated by your followers. Let them know that you are showcasing their image, and that they are being featured on your website. This allows them the credit and makes them feel appreciated, which strengthens customer loyalty and can create strong relationships.

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[fancy_box id=2]Tip: Be sure to ask for permission for the use of their image.[/fancy_box]

2. Like and Comment on Followers’ Photos

Show interest and support to say thank you for their support. Always be genuine and authentic to fully represent the personality of your brand. This is particularly important on photos where they include your product and mention your brand. Create interactions to build meaningful follower relations and comment on a product related to their post. Everyone loves to be noticed, so as your brand grows, remember to grow the relationships with your followers.

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3. Respond to Comments on Your Posts

When followers comment or ask questions is it especially important to respond to help them gain clarity where needed. Acknowledge their interest and show appreciation for their following. This is a great opportunity to provide them with more information, which helps answer questions and steer away negative commentary. It also shows appreciation for admiration and praise to further grow your brand personality and image.

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4. Mention & Tag Your Followers

Give credit where credit is due, ask actionable questions to engage followers, and encourage social tagging! Mentioning is another huge aspect of Instagram and is another great way to interact with your target market. Answer customer questions through mentions and more information about your specific products or services. This is especially great when announcing the winners of a contest you’ve hosted, which is another way to acknowledge and show appreciation for your followers.

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5. Focus on Engaging your customers

Post images with your followers in mind. This is another way to engage and acknowledge their styles and interests. It also ensures that your content is specifically geared for your target market, to attract their attention and engage them in the brand. Structure your Instagram to be about lifestyle in order to authentically connect with your customers. Post about more than just your brand to create a well-rounded platform to for a more complete picture. This shows that it’s more about the bottom line, and that it’s also about creating lasting relationships.

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