4 Steps to Overcome Self-Doubt When Building a Prosperous Business

Do you have amazing ideas bubbling over? Are you so very excited to share them that you can’t hold yourself back?

Now let me ask you this: How often do you let self-doubt creep in and prevent you from sharing those brilliant thoughts with the world? This happens so much to the most incredible people. We are such creative individuals who come up with wonderful ideas, but are then stopped in our tracks by the miserable occurrence of self-doubt. We start to think less of our ideas, to the point where we do not see the worth in them at all.

These past few weeks the topic of ‘Self-Doubt’ has been very much on my mind, and is such a great followup to my post from the beginning of the month about being more confident. This weekend I had the privilege of hearing some great advice on how to avoid being put into a box that ultimately limits your true potential. I was so inspired! This led me to think about how incredibly important it is to build each other up and to help each other conquer and move past limiting aspects such as fear and self-doubt.

So I have created these 5 simple steps to help you overcome those instances of self-doubt in order to move into the prosperity that is waiting for you. I believe that these key steps will be life-changing for you, ultimately making you an unstoppable force of creativity!

Here they are:

Everything that has happened in life so far has created you to be there person you are today – whether negative or positive, it all plays a part in shaping and moulding you. Personally, I find that this step is one of the most crucial yet hardest steps of the process. Truly identifying those ‘labels’ that have been placed on you and spoken over your life can often times be a difficult thing to deal with.

So often we get told, “You’re not strong enough”, or “You don’t have enough experience”, or “You’re not good enough”… “You’ll never be able to do that!”. These statements, if heard often enough, can start to have a major impact on our lives and on the way we think about ourselves – even our ability to start and grow our own business.

“Reckless words pierce like a sword.”

We start to believe that what others are saying about us is true and it becomes part of who we are. This is so damaging and places us into these ‘boxes’ that tell us exactly what we can and cannot do!

This is why the first step is to identify these labels, and PEEL THEM OFF! Ask yourself, “How have I been labelled, and how has it held me back?” You need to step out from under them, and start speaking positivity over yourself and the goals you want to achieve. When these labels are removed, it frees you up to go out and achieve anything you set your mind to!

Next, you have to identify your obstacles. Sometimes this can be other people, lack of resources, or even personal fears and excuses that are holding you back. From what I’ve discovered, there are often 2 major obstacles in our way:

a. Fear of failure
The fear of failure can be absolutely paralyzing. Our mind goes on wild spiral thought patterns of exactly what could happen, how embarrassing it will be, and the whole story plays out like a terrible tragedy. But this is all so misleading – none of that stuff has happened!! It is all made up by our very own minds! Now, this does not mean that failure is impossible… but that definitely should NOT stop you from trying. You will never know what you are capable of accomplishing if you do not try in the first place – and so what if you fail? Then you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and learn from your mistakes. This is the absolute best way to grow and become that amazing, strong business person you aspire to be.

b. Memory of past mistakes
So you say you’ve made a fool of yourself in the past? Your business failed the last time you tried? Well guess what… you’re the only one still thinking about it. This is such a crippling reality to be in and one that can be used for the better. You need to change your mindset and instead of letting the past mistake hold you back, use it as a way to learn, adapt, and do better! Be grateful for your past failures – this sets you in a whole new advantage of knowing exactly what NOT to do!

Now that you’ve identified those obstacles, you can roll them out of the way! The next step is to walk out of that ‘prison’ and allow yourself to expand your opportunities to become someone great! In this part it is key to start practicing healthy, positive habits of goal-setting and personal development. You need to re-define yourself and establish mindsets to visualize exactly what it is you’ve always wanted to do.

Create new opportunities for yourself, try new things, explore your options! Often times our old mindsets or ‘labels’ may try to creep back into our thoughts – so this is why in this stage you need to be continually aware of your state of mind. Take all your thoughts captive and make sure that they are positive and in line with your goals. Do not let yourself slip back into old thinking patterns, and always look for new ways to grow yourself and your business.

This is such a key step for continual growth – you need to surround yourself with others who are going to support you in your new personal building process. There are so many people out there who want to see you succeed and can provide you with resources to get there. It is important to network and attend meetings with like-minded individuals in order to get the right assurance and positivity you need!

Remember, you do not have to do this alone. This is a process of growth where many other individuals play a part. Each person can contribute one piece of advice or encouragement that will help you reach your ultimate end goal. Connect with some of those amazing role models that you look up to and ask them for guidance and advice. Look for opportunities to share your story and connect with others who will challenge and support you to grow an amazing business!

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